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Parking Ramp Automation Coming Soon!

3M Parking KioskTo improve security and safety and to address budget shortfalls, maintenance costs, and system inefficiencies in two city parking garages, the Helena Parking Commission has installed automated parking control systems. The gates will operate 24/7. Rates will remain $0.75/hour with a maximum charge of $11.25 daily between 5am and 8pm Monday through Friday. Free parking is available between 8pm and 5am and all day Saturday and Sunday. The two locations participating are the Getchell Street parking garage and the Sixth Avenue parking garage. The Getchell garage will have an additional pay lane installed to assist with heavy traffic events, on the top deck at the Getchell Street exit. Parking ticket stubs must be validated at Cinemark for free movie parking in the Getchell garage.

To address safety and security issues as well as system inefficiencies, the Helena Parking Commission installed automated parking gates at the ramp. Gates will operate 24/7. Rates will remain $0.75/hour with maximum charges of 11.25 between 5 am and 8 pm.

Don’t forget to bring your ticket Cinemark for free movie parking validation!

Auto pay instructions:
1. Insert ticket received at entrance gate
2. Insert payment using cash, coin, credit card or validated merchant ticket
3. Gate will open once payment is made

Lost ticket button must be used if entrance ticket is unavailable, daily maximum fee will be applied.

Select intercom button for assistance!

Helena Parking Commission Parking Warning

To address complaints in this neighborhood, parking control officers now patrol this area.

Please pay attention to parking signs and regulations.

Vehicles parked overtime, without a permit, or illegally will receive a $25 citation.

Questions? Call 447-8420 or visit www.helenamt.gov.

Map of Downtown Parking*

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* Please note that the lot availability indicated on the above map is updated monthly and may change daily. Contact the HPC at 447-8419 for exact lot availability.

Goldie Coins: Save 20 Percent Every Day

The HPC sells parking tokens called Goldie Coins that save you money at parking meters, lot boxes and parking structures. By purchasing $8 in tokens you get $10 worth of parking. The coins can be used at your convenience. Goldies are great for people who work part-time or odd hours.

Parking Permits for Employees

If you park all day downtown more than two days a week, it is often more convenient and less expensive to buy a parking permit. Permits allow you to park all day in designated areas—lots, parking structures, or on-street. The HPC does not reserve parking spaces, but we do try to manage parking so that spaces are always available.

Lot Box/Meter Problems

If you are experiencing any issues with lot boxes or meters, please call us at 447-8419.

Parking Fines

No one likes getting a parking ticket. If you are new to downtown or need help finding a place to park, call us at 447-8419. Parking violations in Helena are $10 for meter or lot violations, $25 for overtime and other street violations, and $100 for a handicap violation. These fines are set by City of Helena Ordinance or federal law.

New Parking Patrol Vehicle

Go4vehicleTo address complaints filed by residents of Helena, the Helena Parking Commission purchased a patrol vehicle to assist in patrolling restricted parking areas in neighborhoods throughout the city. For a few weeks of November, Helena Parking Control Officers (PCOs) will place warning flyers on windshields of cars parked overtime, without a permit, or illegally. (See below.)

Drivers are urged to pay attention to parking signs and regulations. Vehicles parked overtime, without a permit or illegally will receive a $25 citation.

Contact Us

Dave Hewitt, Director: dhewitt@mt.net
Mary Mortieau, Administrative Assistant: mcmort@mt.net
Nina Martello, Administrative Clerk: nmartello@mt.net

Helena Parking Commission Boundaries

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Downtown Helena BID and HPC Board of Trustees

Randy Riley, Chair
Wells Fargo Bank
350 N. Last Chance Gulch
Helena, MT 59601
Term: 10/31/13
Mike Dowling, Past Chair
DSArchitects, PC
55 W. 14th St., Suite 103
Helena, MT 59601
Term: 10/31/14
Bill Crane
Montana Shares
825 Helena Ave.
Helena, MT 59601
Term: 10/31/16
Al Roy
Trophy Case
613 N. Last Chance Gulch
Helena, MT 59601
Term: 10/31/15
Judy Merickel
Project Management
40 W. 14th St.
Helena, MT 59601
Term: 10/31/15
Linda Reed
Downtown Resident
Term: 10/31/16
Kathleen Harrington
Painted Pot
333 N. Last Chance Gulch
Helena, MT 59601
Term: 10/31/14
Andres Haladay, City Commissioner