Fall Art Walk

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  Celebrate the 2014 fall season with the 31st Annual Downtown Helena Fall Art Walk on Friday, November 7 from 5-9 p.m. throughout Downtown Helena. This wonderful Downtown Helena, Inc. (DHI) event brings downtown businesses, local artists, and the Helena community together to experience a variety of art in unique venues.  There will be free food and beverages, live music, and door prizes at select locations. Come celebrate the arts at the Fall Art Walk!

Participating Businesses & Artists:

Allegra Marketing hosting Kae Cheatham –Author/Photographer Kae Cheatham, is a member of the Helena Photographic Society, and has participated in the Helena Art Walk since 2002. Her subject matter is mostly the nuts and bolts of domestic animal enterprises and rural events. Her photos have been used in many publications, including ORION Magazine (October, 2014), American Cowboy, Royal Wings (an international in-flight magazine), Bloodlines, and Pro Rodeo World (along her articles); some photos have been included as illustrations in several books. Digital painting and graphic art techniques are applied to many of Kae’s images.

Atlas Real Estate Inc hosting Chris Riccardo –”We are living in a world of hypocrisy, it permeates us like a virus, making us weaker everyday. We as a society have lost our ability to think for ourselves and are told what we should eat and wear and drive and whom we should fuck.
I make ceramic sculpture that some have said is shocking or disgusting. I believe I am only showing what we are all truly thinking or desire in some way. I do not set out to shock, because I don’t believe anything I have created is shocking, I believe it is truth and honesty. If my work does shock or offend then I have struck a nerve in the viewer and I say, ‘well done Sir!”. It’s the hypocrites I want, to present them with something so shocking, yet sculpturally beautiful that they can’t take their eyes off of it!”

The Base Camp hosting Larry Copenhaver

Benny’s Bistro hosting Jim Madden & Kevin Hurlbut –Local boys who play regularly at Benny’s; Kevin on bass guitar & Jim on the grand piano. Featuring Jazz standards and quiet favorites.

Best Western Premier Helena Great Northern Hotel hosting Marcy Bergmann –Marcy Bergmann is a native of Helena, who spent 20 years traveling with a military husband and two children. She started painting in 1998 with her best friend and business partner Cindy Rose, they established  C’em Studio a few years later. She has received instruction from many artists. Her many years of living in Europe are reflected in her artwork. Marcy will be giving out tips on watercolor techniques and will have supplies available for customers to sample.

Birds & Beasley’s hosting Lucy Gerspacher –Lucy is a local glass artist specializing in fused glass. Lucy will be demonstrating a new technique of glass weaving. Stop by for Jane’s Famous cookies.

Bobbi’s Salon hosting Einar & Jan Larsen –Larsen Photography, known for their dynamic nudes, introduce two new books, “The Caird Nudes, & “Women…and words”…and new photography. Before the icon on Malfunction Junction was torn down this summer, 4 intrepid women braved a cold May day to be part of the history of the Caird Engineering Works.

Boxwoods hosting Joan Bousliman –Joan is well known for her one of a kind handmade Santa’s.

Dancing Lotus Center hosting Peggy Jo Baraby, Daniel McArdle, Susanna Nadia –

General Mercantile Co.–Featuring Steve Westphal creating Montana Landscape in Dry Pastels.

Ghost Art Gallery hosting Becky Eiker – Becky’s exhibit will be presented in conjunction with the Montana Historical Society and their Montana Heritage Center Campaign. The Eiker Foundation will be donating 50% of the sale of Becky’s bronzes to the Campaign. In addition, when you donate $100 to the Campaign, you’ll receive an R. F. Morgan print “Read All About It” and theEiker’s will match your donation.

Great Northern Carousel hosting The Art Center — Peggy Jo is a Helena native painter who is a signature member of the International Society of Experimental Artists. Baraby paints to recapture and communicate her joy and sense of wonder of the colors, light, textures, lines and forms that surround her in nature. She has Giclee prints on site of her original work for sale. Her work can be viewed in the Lower level. Daniel McArdle started work as wood carver as a young student in an arts-based curriculum, he began woodworking in 4th grade. This hand work throughout his early education has become the foundation of his work as an adult. A Carpenter who transitioned into door making and cabinetry and eventually back to the arts with illustrative woodcarving. He will be working on site! Ms. Nadia’s artwork has been featured at local venues including the Holter Museum of Art, Unitive Gallery, Civic Center. Northwest American Artist, BFA; main focus on oil & acrylic painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design, apparel dying, painting, & embellishment, Susanna looks to express the spirit of the subject as opposed to a  camera’s snap of it. Paintings, embellished apparel, signed prints all available. Rosie Cody is a local Helena artist whose hand-crafted copper and sterling silver jewelry designs sing out their bold and beautiful originality while executing a dazzling tap-dance between classical elegance and modern whimsy. This exhibit will feature both the long-standing best-sellers and the freshest and newest looks in Rocky Rose jewelry.

Helena Photographic Society –The HPS meets once a month to share photos, discuss technical and esthetic matters, shoot picture, hear presentations on topics of interest and have a good time.

The Herb and Garden hosting Rock WREN Jewelry & Clare Clum –Clare CLum, of Rock Wren Jewelry, is excited to be  exhibiting in downtown Helena’s newst business: The Herb and Garden! Clare’s love of color and from translates in to simple, wearable jewelry pieces, that are sure to become your favorites for years to come!

Holiday Inn hosting Dick’s Pix –Before moving to Montana in 1978, Dick Smith was a resident of Upstate New York. The move to Montana provides the enjoyment of wide open spaces with an abundance of wildlife wherever one looks. Dick’s photography hobby began using film cameras when he received is first 35mm camera in 1983 and switching to digital cameras in 2006. His favorite places to visit include Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park. The parks offer an abundance of wildlife and many scenic wonders. In the summer of 2013, Dick spent 95 days in Alaska on a photographic safari traveling some 9008 miles. His photographs include the awesome scenery and many different kinds of animals, with a focus on the bears and their habit of fishing. He will be featuring “The Canadian Rockies” this fall. Dick thanks you for sharing his love or our beautiful country.

Holter Museum of Art hosting Joanne Berghold –”I came to Montana from the East. I came to photography through painting. I have traveled the dirt roads of Montana in my truck for twenty-five years with my camera and dog. With the sun at my back, I choose a direction and head off to find an inviting gravel road…”

Intermountain Chiropractic hosting Kimberly Dodge –Kimberly Dodge is a composite realism abstract artist. She works predominantly in the medium of pen and ink. Her drawings are mostly represented using stipple style. She credits her craft to her love of animals and attention to detail.

Jmacs Pottery hosting Martha Groover –Martha is a functional potter creating thrown and altered porcelain pieces. She currently resides in Helena. Martha’s work has been published in Ceramics Monthly, Clay Times, 500 Pitchers, and 500 Platters and Chargers. Her work can be seen locally at the Archie Bray and now Jmacs Pottery.

Lewis & Clark Co. Historical Society hosting Carol Montgomery

Martin’s Wines– Liam Aagenes has been using a camera since he was three. He is now eight. The photos on display in Martin’s Wines are from Glacier National Park last summer, when he first used a Nikon. He composed and took these photos on his own. Also on display at Martin’s are several witty mobiles from Ann Wilsnack; pottery chalices from Susan Mattson; and wine mugs from JMACS

Mosaic Architecture hosting Helena Clay Arts Guild –H.A.C.A is a community of like-minded individuals who share the joy of playing with mud. http://helenaclayartsguild.blogspot.com/index.html

Montana Book Co. hosting Scott Bunton –Scott grew up in Havre, a rural town in north-central Montana just south of the Canadian border. From a young age, drawing was a constant part of Scott’s life. At age eleven, with the encouragement of a supportive family, Scott was led to a local artist who guided him for several years. During college, after two years as an art major, Scott realized doubts about making a living as an artist. Instead, Scott made the decision to pursue engineering. upon completion of his degree, the next twelve years were spent working throughout Montana. Eventually, work would bring him to Helena where he completed licensing as a Professional engineer. During that time, Scott’s interest in painting continued to grow. Realizing a strong foundation in the fundamentals was necessary in achieving his goals, Scott focused on developing an understanding of the principles of art, and the study of the works & writings of pasts masters. He continued painting from life with a renewed emphasis on draftsmanship during these years. Now painting full, Scott lives in Clancy, Montana with his wife Sara.

Montana Book & Toy Co. hosting Archie Bray –

Montana Department of Corrections hosting various adult and youth offenders –Montana adult and youth offenders earn the privilege to do what is called “hobby”. Hobby can be anything from hitched or braided horsehair belts to items made of yarn, leather, beaded jewelry, watercolors, oils and line drawing artwork. Offenders can even attend art classes.

Mountain Sage Gallery hosting: Sally Rogers Angove, David Barnes, Mary Harris, Sheri Nagy, Linda Washburn Roberts, Charlie Shipley, Ann Patterson Bishop, Paui Graham, Tom Mostad, Russel Ratcliff, Lyle Schwabauer, Marion Thompson, Donna Wilson.

The Pan Handler hosting Paul SmetanaWoodworking has been an enjoyable hobby for Paul for the past 30 years.  Paul has made a wide variety of products, from furniture to picture frames to intarsia (wood piecing).  I began woodturning as the perfect outlet for the seemingly endless varieties of domestic and exotic woods that are available. I enjoy the transformation from wood block to bottle stopper or salt/pepper grinder – each piece being so unique.

Placer Condo Associates hosting Helena Woodworking Guild –”We are a group of woodworkers who gather each month at one of our guild members’ shops, to learn from each other, socialize and work together to make our community a better place.Our members range from professional furniture makers to weekend woodworkers to those who are just getting started with wood or are interested in becoming woodworkers. We even have as members, a hardwood lumber yard owner and a professional sharpening service owner in our guild.”

Prickly Pear Quilts hosting Tina Chamberlain –Tina was introduced to quilting in 1995 and to support her habit, started working at a quilt shop where she began to learn longarm quilting. She began quilting for others in 2005 on her APQS Millennium, an industrial longarm machine. She enjoys the artistry of free-hand custom quilting and design.

Pure Hair Salon hosting Nicole Keintz –Nicole was born and raised in Helena and is currently raising her own family here. She photographs nature and landscapes, transforming the subjects with her unique vision. Her innovative approach to photography involves the use of experimental techniques, producing image which combine movement and vivid colors, often resembling abstract or impressionist paintings. http://nicole-keintz.artistwebsites.com/

Sommeliers and Bert Ernie’s hosting Tom Morgan –Tom is an artist, native to Helena, whose primary medium is oil. His paintings reflect his love of Montana landscapes & cityscapes, yet he is also inspired by scenery around the world. Tom’s work is regularly featured at Sommeliers and has been for the past several years.

Touchstone Wellness hosting Bill Ryder and Wilbur Rehmann –Bill Ryder of Helena, Montana is an amazing artist who creates horses and other art out of scrap metal. With a heart as tremendous as his talent, many of his horses have been donated to local non profits. Wilbur Rehmann and his Quartet have brought to us a sense of joy, wonder, and solitude with their original jazz interpretations.

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