Jorud Photos

Leslie Jorud was born in Helena September, 19, 1899. He took his first picture with a pin-hole camera at age 8. In 1930, Jorud left the employment of the O’Connor Drug Store and opened his own photo shop and studio, which he operated until 1969. During his career he photographed numerous celebrities, including Teddy Roosevelt, Gary Cooper, Charles Lindberg, and Myrna Loy. Jorud died in Helena August 21, 1977.

Photos are $275 which includes the cost of the photo and framing, plus a $20 donation to the Betty Mae DeWolf Scholarship Fund. You can make additional contributions to the scholarship fund if you wish.

All photos are framed by the Ghost Art Gallery and can be viewed at the Lewis & Clark Library.

Please note that interest in the collection has been great. Availability is subject to change without notice.

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