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Not just any cheese. Cheddars!

At Cheddars, we pride ourselves on making great sandwiches, tantalizing salads, delicious soup and wonderful seasonal options. We’ve got the cheese that’s sure to please, and that’s a Cheddars guarantee.

On Broadway

At On Broadway, not only do we offer you delicious homemade Italian cuisine, but we also offer you an experience. From the lighting and music to the friendly service and delicious food, every moment of your evening with us will be a delight.

The Hopper

Named after Grasshopper Creek where gold was first discovered in Montana in 1862, The Hopper Kitchen & Market specializes in scratch-made and locally-sourced fare.

Owners Dan and Chelsi Bay drew on their Montana roots and years of hospitality experience to bring to life a longtime dream in a destination along Helena’s historic walking mall known for its tasteful offerings and lively atmosphere.

Parrot Montana Inc

The Parrot is a family-owned business located in downtown Helena since 1922. It has gained a worldwide reputation for quality hand-dipped chocolates made from fresh, natural ingredients and utilizing up to ten tons of chocolate each year. The Parrot produces a selection of 130 different types of candy, using recipes devised by its original owners. Favorites include a turtle-like confection called a parrot, chocolate-covered caramels, almond butter toffee and other delectable creams, nuts and chews.

Old Salt Co-Op

Old Salt Outpost is a simple fast casual concept, located inside the Gold Bar, that offers beef from our partner ranches and sources high quality ingredients for our delicious salads, chili and beef fat fried potatoes.

General Mercantile

Welcome to the General Mercantile, home of the finest “gold” to be found on Last Chance Gulch! Since 1971 the Merc has been providing a unique counter culture to Helena. The hissing of the vintage espresso machines and aroma of freshly ground espresso fill the cozy niches throughout the store, all of which are a perfect places to sip a warm latte, hot cocoa, or an old-fashioned soda.

Firetower Coffee

Serving Fair Trade coffee means our beans are purchased directly from the growers for a higher price than standard coffee. This ensures that coffee farmers receive a fair, living wage for their work. This ultimately means a better product and a superior taste.

Montago Coffee

Montago is a combination of Montana and Otago. Otago is a region in New Zealand that we fell in love with while living there for a year. It reminded us a lot of Montana’s massive alpine mountains with semi-arid grasslands in the foothills. Both lie close to 45º parallel N and S respectively which lends to similar climates, but to us it brought an immediate feeling of home. Growing up in the foothills of mountainous landscapes, we felt completely comfortable in this region even though we were on the opposite side of the world, and that’s exactly what we want our customers to feel when they walk into our space. A sense of home away from home no matter how far you’ve come.


When you come to Lucca’s you are not eating out – you are dining out. Our unique fine dining experience is designed to tantalize all the senses. You see a relaxed atmosphere of Montana elegance – sophistication without the pomp and circumstance. Come experience Lucca’s, awarded The Best Restaurant in Montana for 2015, 2016 and 2017 by Business Insider magazine.