Rediscovery Downtown Helena

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Field Trips

Field Trips aren’t just for school. You can take your kids on a field trip now. Follow Lewis and Clark at the Great Northern Town Center…hike up to the Firetower…see the Herd Bull at the Historical Society…Heck, you can go around the Civic Center…there’s math mixed up in that place.  Field trips are fun getaways, where you learn something out of school. It’s fun to get away from home too. Be your own Corps of Rediscovery…Rediscover Downtown Helena. The stores are great for shopping and refreshments… always the best parts of a Field trip!

Mount Helena

Five-thousand-4-hundred-68 feet above sea level is a place we call Mount Helena City Park. And from that vista you can see Helena, the valley, and the gulch.  Now maybe you hike its trails once a week, once a month, or once a year…but every time you see something different. Did I mention you get a good view of the Gulch? You’ll get a better view if you’re down in the thick of town. Once a day, once a week, once a month.  You’ll come back more often…the more you see. There’s lots to rediscover in downtown Helena…down on see-ing eye level.

Yellow Trolley

That yellow trolley…what’s the deal?  I say, I don’t know. It seems to stay in one spot…come to find out, back in 1883 the railroad came to Helena…and horse-drawn trolleys like that one went around town. We don’t have to worry ’bout now. We can sit outside, have dinner, walk, and shop–take it all in.  That yellow trolley’s a nice spot to take a break, take a selfie, and eat an ice cream. I tell my kids, we’re rediscovering downtown Helena. In a way, that trolley has taken us somewhere…without all the dust and equine aromas.

Women’s Mural

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. Edgar Degas said that…and he never saw the women’s mural downtown on the Livestock building.  He would a liked it. He’d a taken visitors down there to look at all those strong Montana women. He would reflect. Even sip a glass of wine. He was French y’know.  Can’t get much better history than when it’s articulated across a side of a long building under a big sky. You know there’s a lot of art downtown…inside and out. Rediscover Downtown Helena…tell ‘em Degas sent ya.

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