Gift Cards

Downtown Helena, Inc. Gift Cards are no longer available for purchase, however existing cards can still be redeemed at participating downtown businesses.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your understanding as we begin to transition to another program.

These cards were issued by MetaBank®, Member FDIC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my card ‘rejected’ at a participating merchant?

Most likely, your purchase exceeded the amount available on the gift card. This can be remedied by asking the merchant to ring in your other form of payment (for the difference) before swiping the gift card. To check your balance call the number on the back of the card.

Does the gift card ever expire?

Your card will never expire, however, if the card is inactive for a year, the company will charge a $3.00 maintenance fee for every month of inactivity. A simple remedy: use your card once a year for a small purchase until you are ready to use more of your balance.

For the Card transaction history, visit or call 1.800.755.0085.

Where is the gift card accepted?

Any DHI member who has not opted out of the program. Look for the DHI member decal on the business window. An up-to-date list of merchants who accept the card is listed below.


Who Accepts the Gift Card?

Benny’s Bistro

Big Dipper Ice Cream

Big Sky Cycling

Birds and Beasleys

Blackfoot River Brewing Company


Bridge Pizza

Capital Sports and Western


Cobblestone Clothing

Cross Currents Fly Shop

Fire Tower Coffee House

Ghost Art Gallery

Gold Bar

Grand Street Theater

Great Divide Cyclery

Gulch Distillers

Holter Museum of Art

Hub Coffee

Lasso The Moon Toys

Lewis & Clark Brewery


Montana Outdoor Sports

On Broadway

Painted Pot

Pan Handler

Scenic Brew

Silver Star Steakhouse

Taco del Sol

Ten Mile Creek Brewery

The Base Camp

The Hawthorn Bottleshop & Tasting Room

The Parrot Confectionery


Windbag Saloon and Grill

Montana Law and Gift Cards

Under Montana law, gift cards and gift certificates do not expire in Montana. Their value cannot be reduced by any fee or by failure to use them. If a gift certificate was originally for more than $5 but has less than $5 remaining on it, it can be redeemed for cash.

EXCEPTION: Some cards and coupons are not considered gift cards or certificates, and so they can expire and are not redeemable for cash. Under Section 30-14-102 (5)(b) of the Montana Code Annotated, it states:

“The term does not include… a gift certificate usable with multiple sellers of goods or services…”

Under federal law, gift certificates usable with multiple sellers of goods or services, such as Chamber of Commerce gift certificates or mall gift cards, must be valid for five years and money added to prepaid card must also be good for five years.