Facade Grant

The Helena Business Improvement District Façade Grant program is designed to promote the improvement of commercial and multi-use properties in the Business Improvement District by helping property owners upgrade, rehabilitate, and preserve the facades of eligible structures in downtown Helena. Facade Grants provide matching funds up to 50% of project cost or $5000, whichever is lesser.

Applications open soon!   



Design Guidelines for Improvements in DT Helena HD


Articles on the program:



2021 Awarded Grants

In 2021, we recieved four applicants and we were able to award three for a total of $10,000.

Colwell Building – 62 S Last Chance Gulch

Before: No awning which caused ice buildup and accessiblity issues 

After: Installed awning

The Garage – 334 Jackson St.

Before: Older paint with no awning 

After: Brighter paint complimenting the surroundings and a Louvers Trellis awning to protect from sun, rain, and snow.


2020 Awarded Grants

In 2020, four applicants applied for our grant and we were able to award three.

Dowling Architects – 734 N. Last Chance Gulch

Before: Unused historic building in need of a facelift

After: Updated siding, foundation, roof, awnings, windows, garage doors


Western Gold LLC – 406 N Last Chance Gulch

Before: blank canvas wall hiding a previously artistically painted mural

After: Local artist and muralist creates a fun, identifiable marker


2019 Awarded Grants

In 2019, five applicants applied for our grant and three were awarded but only two agreed to the terms and conditions of their award letter.

Union Market Block – 101 E 6th Ave

Before: Worn paint, in need of an update.

After: Fresh, vibrant paint brings the building to life.


2018 Awarded Grants

In 2018, seven applicants applied for our grant and three were successfully awarded.

KOHRS BLOCK – 324 & 326 Fuller Ave

Before: Badly dated, uninviting 1960’s facade hides the building’s original character.

After: Original masonry is revealed, and the new storefront opens the space up to light and views.


THE PAINTED POT – 333 N Last Chance Gulch

Before: Tired awning and dated paint leave the entrance tired looking.

After: A bright and lively new look for an old favorite. New awning not shown.

SAGE & OATS TRADING POST – 330 North Jackson

Before: A plain exterior that is drab and easy to miss.

After: Inviting new awnings, updated lighting, flower boxes, and fresh paint make for a remarkable transformation!