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There is something for everyone in

Downtown Helena

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From toy stores and ice cream shops to breweries and premiere restaurants there is something for the entire family to enjoy.

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Montana's capital city

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There's something for everyone in

Downtown Helena

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"I've been a member just over a year and I absolutely love working with the DHI and BID teams. Not only do they support my business by offering grants, ensuring the area is safe, and welcoming, but they also support us by marketing our business through their website, social media, emails and word of mouth. They consistently communicate opportunities that are happening in the area and host frequent events that draw locals and tourists down to participant and spend money at all of our businesses."

Thank you for helping make Downtown Helena a thriving community! - Onawa

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Business Improvement District

Supporting property owners
through grant opportunities
and improvements downtown


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Downtown Helena Inc.

Connecting area
business members with
locals and visitors

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