Downtown Nuggets

If you have some Downtown Nuggets, please go ahead and spend them!

  • Downtown Nuggets are no longer for sale.  
  • Merchants are still accepting Nuggets!
  • We are still redeeming Nuggets for businesses!

Thank you to Birds & Beasleys, Valley Bank, and First Interstate Bank for selling Nuggets for the past few years.  We appreciate your support of downtown Helena!

WHAT ARE DOWNTOWN HELENA NUGGETS? Nuggets are cash-for-cash bills that come in $10 and $25 denominations. They are accepted as cash at participating businesses.

WHICH BUSINESSES ACCEPT NUGGETS? The following businesses currently accept Downtown Helena Nuggets:

  • Allegra Marketing, Print, Mail (40 W Lawrence St E)
  • Aunt Bonnie’s Books (419 N Last Chance Gulch)
  • Beargrass Trading Company (417 N Last Chance Gulch)
  • Big Dipper Ice Cream (58 N Last Chance Gulch)
  • Big Sky Cyclery (801 N Last Chance Gulch)
  • Birds & Beasleys (2 S Last Chance Gulch St)
  • Blackfoot River Brewing Co (66 S Park Ave)
  • Boxwoods Fine Homes & Lifestyle (426 N Last Chance Gulch)
  • Capital Sports (1092 Helena Ave)
  • Carroll Saints Shoppe (1601 N Benton Ave)
  • Dinners Done Right (1212 Cedar Street)
  • Eureka! (38 S Last Chance Gulch)
  • Ghost Art Gallery (21 S Last Chance Gulch)
  • Golden Girls Antiques Mall (505 N Last Chance Gulch)
  • Grandstreet Theatre (325 N Park Ave)
  • Great Divide Cyclery (336 N Jackson St)
  • Gulch Distillers (790 Front Street)
  • Eclipse Community Yoga (1361 Elm St #7)
  • The Hawthorn Bottle Shop & Tasting Room (46 N Last Chance Gulch)
  • Helena Hokkaido Ramen & Izakaya (825 Great Northern Blvd, Suite #101)
  • HUB Coffee (314 N Last Chance Gulch)
  • JMAC’s Pottery (411 N Last Chance Gulch)
  • Lasso The Moon Toys (25 S Last Chance Gulch)
  • Lucca’s Fine Italian Restaurant (56 N Last Chance Gulch)
  • Martin’s Wines (21 N Last Chance Gulch #101)
  • Mediterranean Grill (42 S Park Ave)
  • Montana Book Company (331 N Last Chance Gulch)
  • Montana Outdoor Sports (708 N Last Chance Gulch)
  • The Painted Pot (333 N Last Chance Gulch)
  • RC Jewelry MT (11 W Placer)
  • Silver Star Steak Company (833 Great Northern Blvd)
  • Sole Sisters (327 N Last Chance Gulch)
  • Taco Del Sol (21 N Last Chance Gulch #103)
  • Ten Mile Creek Brewery (48 N Last Chance Gulch)
  • Vigilante Shuttles & Tours (330 N Jackson Street)
  • Wild Child Collective (429 N Last Chance Gulch)
  • Windbag Saloon & Grill (19 S Last Chance Gulch St)

PAYMENT FOR PARKING TICKETS Finally, we’re excited to announce that you can even use Nuggets to pay for parking tickets, thanks to support from the City of Helena.

Thanks to David Goodson, who designed the Nuggets and to Allegra Marketing, who printed them.  Thanks also to NorthWestern Energy for their gracious donation towards printing the Downtown Helena Nuggets.

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