Fall Art Walk

Come explore Downtown Helena for the Fall Art Walk. Dozens of businesses and over a hundred local artists will be participating. Pick up a print map at “The Trailhead.”


There are two ways to register for the Art Walk: as a host and and as an artist.

If you are a host, please complete the registration form whether or not you have matched with an artist. If you are an artist, please complete the registration form only if you need to be matched with a host.

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Birds & Beasleys

2 S. Last Chance Gulch
Helena , MT 59601

Birds & Beasleys will be celebrating all the artists in the store. Also, depending on the condition of the avian bird flu, they may have raptors from Montana WILD.

HUB Coffee

314 Last Chance Gulch
Helena , MT 59601

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Tony Perpignano

Tony is enchanted by wild rivers–the rhythm, the sounds, the smells, the visual motion, the physical force, and the light. Most of his art captures the creatures that share the river with him.

Artist: Elise Perpignano

Creator of illustrations and portraits.

Wild Child Collective

438 N Last Chance Gulch
Helena , MT 59601

In-store specials!

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Emily Nelson-Em Designs

Em Designs is a local wood artist, creating unique art incorporating Montana landscapes and natural elements.

Skyre Spin & Sweat

2 Last Chance Suite A
Helena , MT 59601

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Samantha Hendrickson

Inspired by life in Montana. Nature scenes where real meets surreal. Capturing Montana life on canvas.
Instagram: @sleepypeeksstudio

St. Paul’s will be serving a Stuffed Baked Potato Dinner from 5:30-7:30pm. Pie and coffee will be available all night.

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Andrea Atwood

Andrea Atwood is a full time artist and part-time tax preparer for Atwood Accounting. She owns Studio A, which can be rented by groups to sew or create art, and also Atwood Arts, which takes on challenging commissions, ranging from painted portraits and murals to costume and jewelry design.

Andrea is inspired by everyday items like fabric, leaves, drywall, and jewels, and works on the details of their transformation.

Artist: Lee Benner

Lee Benner has been drawing since the 70s, when she was in high school. Recently, she has has expanded into using colored pencils. Her subjects include mostly wildlife, sports, and cartoon characters, and every drawing has a personal connection.

Artist: Liz Harter - Raw-Creation

Liz’s works are based on personal reflection of how the past interweaves with the present. “Out of the ordinary” works emerge as dolls/assemblages, paintings, and collage. RE-Imagine Art.

Artist: Bob Worthy

Bob Worthy is a painter, and the author of the sci fi novel The One Body Problem: Basic Human Incompetencies. The more successful paintings are realistic urban landscapes, but occasionally he gets something more abstract right.

Artist: Margaret Gillikin

Margaret Gillikin has been a hobby painter all her life. She still loves the playful aspects of painting enjoyed in childhood… her “finger painting” has grown up to use soft pastels as her preferred medium. Primarily a landscape artist, it is a joy to live in beautiful, inspiring surroundings and to depict them on paper.

DoubleTree by Hilton Helena Downtown

22 N Last Chance Gulch
Helena , MT 59601

Artist: Dick Smith

Wildlife art.

Kevin League Photography

330 N Jackson Street
Helena , MT 59601

Live Music from The Daves & Company. Also, 10% off gallery-wide and 33% off 12×18″ metal prints.

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Kevin League

Kevin is a Helena, Montana based award-winning professional landscape, lifestyle and wildlife photographer capturing Montana and the western United States’ most beautiful, fleeting and fascinating moments.

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Nancy Treib

Fine art, graduates, families, weddings. In photography there is never a difficult situation, but a challenge I dare to meet.

Artist: Lindsay Hicks

Handcrafted jewelry
*genuine leather, deerskin, and more!

Custom crafts

Montana Book Company

331 N Last Chance Gulch
Helena , MT 59601

Holter Museum of Art

12 East Lawrence Street
Helena , MT 59601

Refreshments will be served

Artist: "Convergence" Works from Susan Thomas, Bev Beck Glueckert, and Ellen Ornitz

Convergence: Susan Thomas, Bev Beck Glueckert, Ellen Ornitz with Artist Talks at 6:30pm

The works of Bev Beck Glueckert, Ellen Ornitz, and  Susan Thomas intersect to form a show that illustrates nature–with a nod to its tender, furious, sweet, and unforgiving essence. Explore the elegance of Thomas’s mixed media sculpture, the fossilized and charred ceramic vessels of Ellen Ornitz, and the intricate mixed media print collages by Glueckert.

Artist: HoHo Holter Holiday Sale

Join us for the Holter’s annual Holiday sale featuring 30+ local artists and craftsmen. Come by and do some early Christmas shopping and get some incredible fine arts pieces for your friends and family!

Artist: Chip Clawson

Imagine This: Chip Clawson

Chip Clawson brings a new body of work to the Holter in an immersive installation featuring large scale freestanding and suspended multimedia sculptures. Clawson draws inspiration form the fields of architecture, engineering, and technology, as well as from nature, surrealism, and installation art to create this joyful exhibit that invites viewers to see the world through his eyes, and embody the spirit of imagination and play.

Our Holiday Sale begins at Art Walk!

62 N Last Chance Gulch

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Windy Valley Studio

Whimsy. Joy. Comfort.
Beguiling characters, colors, and scenes grace this stoneware. Invoked from earth, fire, and a dash of pluckiness. Windy Valley Studio is found in Helena’s north valley.

Artist: Rebecca Wells Fine Art

Original acrylic and oil paintings. Custom work accepted. Pet portraiture, limited edition giclee prints on select pieces. Rebecca Wells is a Helena artist.

Artist: Just Claire Pottery

Local artist creating colorful, functional pottery featuring decals, glaze resists, and a few buttocks.

Artist: Bob & Rachel Krug

Jewelers, designers and proprietors of Imagine Designs, Jewelry Studio, Bob and Rachel have many great pieces of jewelry in the cases.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – Montana Properties

50 S Park Avenue
Helena , MT 59601

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Debbie Boyle

Bold acrylic colors are used to create a whimsical Montana scene.


426 N Last Chance Gulch
Helena , MT 59601

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Jim Bridger

Hand-turned wood bowls, urns, and art pieces.

I am Jim Bridger born and raised Montanan. After 50 years in Kalispell, MT a move to Helena seemed perfect to be near my grandsons and daughter Paula. My professional career of delivering for UPS came to an end and the profession of wood turning has filled my retirement. Wood turning has occupied my time, garage and shop for the past 20 years. When I am not turning, I find myself wandering a golf course or spoiling my family

 I trained under world class turners, a few are Alan Lacer, Trent Bosch, Mike Mahoney, and Jimmy Clewes. I also am grateful for my time within the Glacier Woodturners Club in Kalispell there were many mentors there.  My creations have included: bowls, urns, snowmen, penguins, wine stoppers, segmented wood projects and ornamental Christmas bulbs. No two pieces created are the same; each have a unique color and pattern because of the diversity in wood that I choose to turn.  

My signature pieces are the snowmen. Most snowman have five or more different types of wood. No matter whether using one type of wood or several each project completed brings joy to my heart.  I have completed over 300 snowmen and countless other pieces.  

I am excited for my first art show here in Helena. Although I am not new to art shows this will be different as my wife, Wilene, is now gone. I look forward to sharing this show with my daughter, brother-in-law and friend of many years.  

The beauty of wood is always a surprise to a woodturner.   To finish a piece of art perfectly is the challenge.  My belief is that a finished piece is, “either good or not good- it’s never good enough.”

The fish sculptures on display will be offered at a discounted price!

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Jesse Purdom Art


Love Montana’s outdoors? Come see beautifully intricate metal work, including a life-size elk shoulder mount, by Jesse Purdom Art. An avid sportsman, outdoorsman, and conservationist, Jesse is proud of his 7th-generation Montana roots. Jesse Purdom finds his artistic inspiration in the same places he finds his recreational passion; in the mountains, rivers, and forests. His metal designs and sculptures incorporate natural elements and reclaimed materials whenever possible, but most work is custom and therefore can be done to each customer’s unique specification.








Core Collective

46 N Last Chance Gulch
Helena , MT 59601

$50 off any Punch card or Nutritional Wellness Consult.
Refreshments will be served

Artist: JeCe's Original Art (JeCe Wise)

JeCe brings over a decade of experience in human/animal portraiture, wildlife and landscape inspiration, utilizing various media.

Artist: il vento Jewelry (Boah Kang)

Boah Kang designs and creates unique and beautiful jewelry. Each piece is hand-made with love and care. She values the great quality of her collection.

Artist: Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan aims for impressionistic flair with oil paintings.

Artist: Clay Arts Guild

The Guild’s mission is to promote the ceramic arts within Helena and the surrounding community by providing support and education through individual and community workspace, classes, seminars and shared resources. We are governed by an all-volunteer eight-member board which meets about once a month. Each May an annual membership meeting is held annual elections, information sharing and for major business decisions.

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Sky Angove

Locally grown, internationally shown abstract painter. Specializing in mixed media work focusing on shape and color.

Artist: Elizabeth Rivard

Abstract photos on metal from the Little Blackfoot series.

Artist: Valerie Hellermann

Valerie Hellermann, Executive Director Hands On Global. Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly, now. You are not obliged to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.

The Gold Bar & The Western

406 N Last Chance Gulch
Helena , MT 59601

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Ebbie Hansen

Ebbie is a true mixed media artist. If it will stick to the canvas, it gets added. Bees wax and tree resin are favorites. She loves to create work that tells a story both up close and far away. The stories include her “Sacredness of Horses” series, where equine imagery is revered and put in a cathedral scape. A series called “Desert Love” depicts details of the arid land; it’s cacti and sunsets abound. Her newest series is called “Becoming” where the circles/cycles of life are reimagined from the atom to the sun. This creates a landscape of things morphing into being. Come meet Ebbie and her paintings at The Gold Bar during the Fall Art Walk, November 11.

Associated Dermatology of Helena

50 S Last Chance Gulch St
Helena , MT 59601

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Karen Rowan

Karen has always been creative and has enjoyed sculpting, jewelry making, painting and sewing dolls. Currently, Karen uses mixed media to create guardians designed to hang on the wall.

Artist: Kevin Rowan

Kevin’s inspiration comes from everyday life experiences. He uses reclaimed wood to build beautiful pieces of art designed to hang on the wall.

Artist: Amanda Herskind

Amanda works in a semi-realistic to realistic style for wildlife and other animal pieces. She also works in pastel, watercolor, colored pencil as well as digital. She does character, science fiction and fantasy illustrations as well as childrens’ book illustrations.

7 N Last Chance Gulch

Artist: Dr. Sandra Sequoia Rising-Marston

Dr. Sandra paints with beeswax using two different methods. One involves melting and heating the wax–called encaustics (Viking ships were decorated in this method) and the other involves adding the wax to oil paint giving it texture and form.

Blackfoot River Brewing Co.

66 South Park Avenue
Helena , MT 59601

Proof Marketing (formerly Oaklin Creative)

330 N Last Chance Gulch
Helena , MT 59601

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Evan Thompson - Niitootsskinaa Ink

Blackfeet Ledger Artist Evan Thompson will showcase and sell his pieces at Proof Marketing. Evan was recently featured at Yellowstone Revealed, a Yellowstone National Park 150th-anniversary event incorporating art, history, and advocacy from a uniquely tribal perspective. He was also recently featured at Ten Mile Creek Brewery.

Artist: Kaitlin and Greg Tucker - Copper & Sage Music

Local husband and wife duo Kaitlin and Greg Tucker of the band Copper & Sage will be playing their original music as well as some covers at Proof Marketing. Copper & Sage has recently given performances at Lakeside on Hauser and Lewis & Clark Brewery.

424 N Last Chance Gulch

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Shirley Robinett

Shirley Robinett is a watercolor artist from Bozeman.

Artist: Ferrell Hogs - Musicians Matt Ferrell and Trevor Graff

The Ferrell Hogs will be playing folk/country music. Singer Rosemary Lakin will also be making a guest appearance.

Artist: Dan Norris

Dan Norris is a Helena-based wildlife and landscape photographer. Dan’s images are direct from the wild landscape, unaltered and original.

Artist: Corrina Littlewolf

Northern Cheyenne bead worker who makes beautiful jewelry.

13 W Placer Ave

Artist: Rachel Reese

Handmade Polymer Earrings

Artist: Kiera Shine Jewelry

Artisan metalwork and stone jewelry.

40 N Last Chance Gulch

Artist: Jay Crider

Jay Crider (°1981, Helena) is an artist whose main focus is with painting. His interests in subject matter are wide ranging and eclectic. Crider formalizes the coincidental and emphasizes the conscious process of composition that is behind the seemingly random works. The thought processes, which are supposedly private, highly subjective and unfiltered in their references to dream worlds, are frequently revealed as assemblages. His paintings are saturated with a dark humor that can be obvious or obscure. They question the coerciveness that is derived from the more profound meaning and the superficial aesthetic appearance of an image. By experimenting with aleatoric processes, he makes works that can be seen as self-portraits. Sometimes they appear idiosyncratic and quirky, at other times, they ask you to provide the punch-line. His works feature coincidental, accidental and unexpected connections which lead to surprising analogies.


PO Box 5238
Helena , MT 59601

Power Block Walking Mall Entrance.

Show Statement
To fully understand our personal identities, we must examine both the places we interact with and the memories we have. In this show we explore identity, how it’s tied to ideas of place and memory, and what it means to compare the self to the cycles of the natural world.

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Erica Selby

Raised outside of Helena, Erica Selby’s current body of work explores place-based identity through the use of material and form.

Artist: Emmie Bristow

Emmie Bristow grew up in the Helena valley. A large portion of her work centers around place and memory and how the two affect identity.

327 N. Last Chance Gulch

Artist: Gay Scheibl

Gay Scheibl’s passion for painting is beautifully depicted in her people, animal and landscape surroundings. She studied Intaglio at the University of Frostburg, MD and La Escuela de Bellas Artes, in Seville, Spain. Gay has been juried into both the “Women Making Faces” and the Mountain Oyster Club, in AZ. Gay will not be present, but will have her Montana paintings available for sale.

Artist: Audrey Rogge

Audrey Rogge was born and raised in Helena, Montana. She is a Senior at Helena High School and she uses all types of media, from charcoal and watercolor to pens and cattle makers. Art is such a huge part of her life and her goal is to keep it that way. Audrey will be present and will have some of her paintings available for sale.

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Bob Serwacki

Chisel & Awl–Woodworking

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Zach Manger

Born and raised in Montana, Zach Manger is an aspiring woodworker and furniture maker. After initially designing and building a few pieces out of necessity, Zach continues to explore new ideas in design and construction in his modest Helena workspace. In each of his designs, Zach aims to create a piece with a timeless quality, imbued with a sense of motion and levity.

Artist: Brooklyn Bennett

Born and raised Helenan, former middle school art teacher, and life long artist. She takes inspiration from nature and am inspired to capture animals and landscapes. Specializing in acrylic painting and resin jewelry. Open to commissions for custom acrylic pet paintings and nature inspired resin jewelry.

Artist: Gabrielle Metzner

Utilizing an academic background in biological sciences and a keen eye, I aspire to create pieces that are biologically accurate to portray the beauty of the natural world. I’ve always loved illustration and have a passion for nature and the outdoors. I use a mix of media to bring these two worlds together; ranging from gouache to pen and ink to acrylic on canvas.

Artist: Katie Jogado

Helena, Montana based artist who specializes in acrylic and watercolor paintings. My art began to flourish in 2017 and has since developed into being inspired by the raw natural beauty found within both nature and the female form. Growing up in Helena, I continue to find peace and serenity through getting lost in the Montana rugged wilderness and expressing myself through my paintings.

Artist: John Ahmann

Jon is a 6th generation Helenan and a 3rd generation artist. He studied under the tutelage of his Grandfather Robert F Morgan but found his own unique style. His paintings looking more like a photo than a painting! He works with oil and acrylic and will have canvas prints available to order during the art walk.

Artist: Leah Cupino

Leah lives in Helena, MT with her husband, three boys, and pup. She is often found at her studio storefront, The Art Space in downtown Helena. She teaches art classes in local parks and classrooms.

320 N Last Chance Gulch

Please join fourOsix in celebrating 15 years of business! They are hosting their anniversary party the night of the Fall Art Walk. There will be live music, drinks, and lots of new fourOsix designs and products released that evening.

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Jacob J Photography

Jacob J Photography specializes in capturing athletes and outdoor adventures such as snowboarding, split-boarding, biking, camping and hiking. Check him out on instagram @jacobjphotography

Artist: Rising Sun Woodworking

Rising Sun Woodworking is a small one-person woodworking business located in Helena, Montana creating handmade wood products using locally sourced supplies. Check them out on instagram @risingsunwoodworking

Artist: Jay Crider

Jay Crider is an artist whose main focus is with painting and his interests in subject matter for his art are wide ranging and eclectic.

“The Trailhead” at 330 N. Jackson St.

Join us for a block party on Jackson St. featuring the Rockstarr BBQ food truck and balloon art from Neil Sauter.

Also, in recognition of Veterans’ Day, we’ll be featuring an informational booth from the Montana Veterans Health Administration!

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Neil Sauter

Upscale Balloon Art

Ten Mile Creek Brewery

46 N Last Chance Gulch
Helena , MT 59601

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Jackson Neher

Artist: Kevin League

Artist: Matt Paulson

Live mannequins throughout downtown!

317 N. Cruse

Make an artist purchase, get a beer for $1!

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Gray Mountain Leather co

Gray Mountain Leather Co. is a one-woman owned leather shop based in Helena, with a focus on high-end travel bags and accessories for the wandering Western soul.

Artist: Bison Feather Designs

Bison Feather Designs – when painting in the studio, Brad’s main inspiration comes from memories of recent trips in the field as he aims to capture the transient mood and lighting of a western landscape. His work is completed primarily in water based media as a mode to complement this unpredictability. He hopes that his paintings are an honest expression of the particular day and season of landscape, and that this expression inspires others to further appreciate the natural landscape.

Artist: Diane Manning

Diane’s paintings are of Montana wildlife, people, and landscapes.

411 N. Last Chance Gulch

Refreshments will be served

Artist: Jeremy McFarlane

Jmacs creates pottery for everyday use.

Artist: Joshua Reeder

Rialto Bar

52 N last Chance Gulch
Helena , MT 59601

Hot, ready-to-go drinks for all the Art Walk Shoppers off the front patio!

  • November 10, 2023
  • 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Facebook Event
  • "The Trailhead" 330 N. Jackson St. Helena, MT 59601