Parklet BID Program

The Helena Business Improvement District (BID) believes that providing the opportunity for outdoor space in downtown Helena, by way of installation of a parklet, is both an economic catalyst for the business and builds a vibrant downtown. The BID is proud to offer funding on an annual basis to assist downtown businesses in implementing a parklet as part of their storefront. To be considered for a parklet all applications MUST be returned to the BID office no later than April 15 annually. 

Project Details:

After reviewing this information, interested parties must submit a completed grant application noting their interest in being considered for this program. Approved application from the City of Helena is also required.

Grants of $500 each will be awarded from the pool of qualified applicants. Applicants will receive written confirmation if they are selected.

Eligible applicants must have businesses located within the boundaries of the BID and building owner must be current on all property taxes in Helena.

Applicant Responsibilities:

The applicant will own the parklet and is responsible for the following:

  1. Required annual maintenance of the parklet.
  2. Removal of the parklet and installation of parklet per the City of Helena parklet application guidelines.
  3. Storage of the parklet during the winter.
  4. Securing the appropriate permits and licenses with the City of Helena and if alcohol is served, permitting and/or licensing from the Montana Department of Revenue.
  5. Ensuring that all City codes are met.

Application Required Documentation:

  1. BID parklet grant application;
  2. Parklet moving and storage plan;
  3. Photo of desired location of the parklet;
  4. Eligibility Checklist.

Additional Outdoor Space for Your Business

The term “parklet” originated in 2005 in the city of San Francisco to describe the conversion of a parking space into a small public open space. Since then, cities around the world launched full-fledged parklet programs. The BID and City of Helena are excited to share the opportunity is now available in the Helena.

Why Build a Parklet?

  • Cost-effective way to activate streets
  • Create vibrant neighborhoods
  • Promote economic vitality

Additional information on Parklets can be found by clicking this link and this link.